Episode 17: Jonathan Hoeg - The Concert Photographer

Is it just Partying with bands and taking the right shots?  What it really takes to become a concert photographer. 

All of us want to travel around the world and party with bands because we know it’s a better life than the one we are currently living. Jonathan is the guy living that life. For the last 4 years Jonathan has been on tour buses across the planet shooting Andrew Mcmahon, New Politics, Panic at The Disco!, and 5 Seconds of Summer. But how? How did this kid from Long Island go from business student to rock photographer extraordinaire?

Episode 16: Chris Whitehall from The Griswolds

Coming off tour & why the griswolds' bassist quit

Hey everyone welcome to Sugar High, a podcast that explores what it's like to live a life in music. In today's episode we sit down with my good friend Chris Whitehall from the Griswolds to talk about what it's like when a band member quits mid tour, and preview next weeks episode with Lucius. Next week we are also having on famed concert photographer Jonathan Hoeg. So if you want to learn about how to take photos of bands around the world, tune in. 

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Episode 15: Kevin Jones from Bear's Den

History of Bear's Den and the abridged history of the mid 2000's west London folk scene

Bear's Den are a folk rock duo from London, England. In the last four years they've gone from playing open mics and small club nights to headlining large theaters around the world. Initially I wanted to interview both members together but I found both of their stories so interesting that I split them up. Today we sit down with co song writer, multi instrumentalist, and co founder of Communion music group, Kev Jones. I knew Kev's story was interesting and filled with challenges but I had no idea what I was in for. This episode is a history of Bear's Den, but it is also an abridged history of the mid 2000's west London folk scene. A scene that touched or somehow involved bands like The Vaccines, Mumford and Sons, Mathew and the Atlas, Catfish and Bottlemen, Daughter, and many more. 

Episode 14: Tom Gaynor AKA Allday

Rising through the ranks in Australia, ambitions in America, and how in gods name does he have over 150k Instagram Followers

Allday is the moniker of Australian rapper, Tom Gaynor. Over the last few years he's slowly risen to the top of the Australian rap game. He has a massive social media following, headlines shows, and is played regularly on Australian radio. amidst this success Tom decided to move to America. I have no idea what Australian hip hop is or what it's supposed to sound like, but if Tom is the average, it's great.

Episode 13: Chris Swanson Co-Owner of The Secretly Group (Label)

Building a label from the ground to eventually signing and RELEASING records with Major Lazer, Jens Lekman & Bon Iver

The word record executive conjures up images of a ruthless businessman surrounded by mountains of cocaine, destroyed artists, and sharkskin suits. At least, it used to for me. Not anymore, because I know people like Chris Swanson. Chris Swanson runs The Secretly Group. A group of labels comprised of Secretly Canadian, Dead Oceans, and Jagjaguwar. They've signed and released records with Major Lazer, Jens Lekman, Bon Iver, The War On Drugs, and more. All of this was started in Chris's college dorm room.

I frequently get asked by people how they get signed and I just decided to go to the source. 

Episode 12: Eli Maiman from Walk The Moon (Part 2)

Why "Shut Up And Dance" was a hit, Exploring Eli's home town and life as the lead guitarist for Walk The Moon

This is episode is part two in my dissection of Walk The Moon's hit, "Shut up and Dance". The song has been streamed over 3,000,000 times and was inescapable last year. But ever since it came out I've been fascinated with one thing... why that song? Why not one of the others? In today's episode Eli from Walk The Moon talks about his origins in Cincinnati, playing guitar, and why he thinks the song made such an impact.

Episode 11: Andre Allen Anjos Founder of The Remix Artist Collective (RAC)

Rewriting the script on how remixes are made

RAC is the moniker of Portuguese American musician, Andre Allen Anjos. For the last few years he has become a fixture in the remix game. But Andre doesn't do your normal WA WA WA WA club mix. He takes the raw vocal stems and builds an entirely new song around them. He also makes money as a DJ AND has released successful solo material. Did I mention that he's been nominated for 2 Grammys? Andre was kind enough to sit down with us and discuss how he went from a Portuguese immigrant, to one of the music industries most sought after remix artists. 

Episode 10: 2017 Preview

Today I'm going to preview all the fantastic artists we are going to have on this year. This isn't everyone but it's a small taste and the reason I won't be sleeping for the next 365 days. So much to edit. So much. Enjoy and remember these come out the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Although this year I'm adding additional shorter episodes in between. Talk soon! Enjoy!

Episode 09: Sean Waugaman from Walk The Moon (Part 1)

Breaking out from the noise to create international fame. How Sean Waugaman's joined the band and helped make it a household name

Last year Walk the Moon was inescapable. In a few months they went from a semi successful indie band to the top of the Billboard charts with their single, "Shut Up and Dance". In this episode we sit down with the band's drummer, Sean Waugaman, and talk about where he learned to drum, how he joined the band, and how exactly they went from kids in Ohio to a worldwide sensation. 

Episode 08: Seth Haley AKA Com Truise

More like synth .Com, Haley has gone from a 12' apartment to  festival size events. Harder done than said

Seth Haley aka Com Truise is an interesting dude. He's a one man synth army that went from advertising to internationally touring electronic musician. But how'd all this happen? How did a kid from Oneida that worked at his dad's furniture store begin writing synth space operas? What's his schedule? Why does he wish he just worked at a dang record store?

Episode 07: Nick Hexum from 311

Blowing up RVs, becoming a lifestyle brand and selling out shows for over 30 years

311 is a multi platinum selling band from Omaha Nebraska. In the mid 90s they went from dudes bumming around LA to multi platinum selling artists. They've been touring and making music ever since. I cruised over to their singer Nick Hexum's studio in LA to learn about how they made it, and everything they've been up to since. 

Episode 06: Chris Whitehall from The Griswolds

Coming to America, signing a record deal and the meaning of success...all while having tequila 

Australia's the Griswolds rose to prominence in America with their single, "Beware the Dog." In the years since they've toured with Walk the Moon, Magic Man, and headlined venues around Europe and America. In this episode we hang with singer Chris Whitehall and talk about church, getting kicked out of bands, and how getting a record deal is half the battle.

Episode 04: Alan Palomo AKA Neon Indian

Starting his first band, Ghosthustler, outside influences and how Neon Indian got off the ground. oh and synthesizers. 

Neon Indian is the most successful moniker of Mexican American - Alan Palomo. The debut album, Psychic Chasms, was designated Best New Music and 14th best album of 2009 by Pitchfork. 

Rolling Stone named Neon Indian one of the best new bands of 2010. Their second studio album, Era Extraña, was released in September 2011, followed by Vega Intl. Night School in October 2015.

Episode 03: Reuben Hollebon

Questioning the purpose in life, humanity's place in the cosmos and the power of words

Reuben Hollebon is a singer songwriter from a dreary part of England. He worked as a studio engineer for years before taking the plunge and becoming a full time musician. He's a thoughtful guy and kept me entertained. In this episode we discuss solo artists, Jeff Buckley, and why it's never too late to learn. 

Episode 02: Raymond Deandre Martin AKA Rey Reel

Making beats for a living and the world of hip-hop production

I can't count how many people I've met that want to make beats for a living. Rey is one of those people. I met him through the Griswolds last year and he was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about the world of beat making.

Reel has produced for artists such as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Drake, Lil Wayne, will.i.am and Britney Spears among others. Rey Reel signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV in May 2015. He is perhaps best known for producing Beyonce's "Flawless", Drake's "Trophies"[citation needed], and will.i.am's "Scream & Shout" (Remix)

Episode 01: Carter Schultz from Aer

Using the internet to gain success and how it quickly ended. Were they actually living the dream?

Aer was a band composed of Carter Schultz (performs now as Reeves) and David Von Mering. In 2010 they released a series of YouTube videos and music from their parent’s basement in Boston and went from hometown heroes to a pretty big band. Their style floated between a few things but they’re mostly known for reggae jams like “Feel I Bring” and “Floats My Boat”. These days blowing up online is a foregone conclusion for a band’s success but that wasn’t necessarily the case in 2010. Aer was a band built by and supported by the internet. They’re one of the few that took that buzz and turned it into a business. Whether you like their music or not, they had a pretty mean hustle.

I met the dudes a couple years ago on a short tour in the Northeast. Their normal tour manager was busy so I helped out for the weekend. It was a good time but I left with a nagging suspicion that they wouldn’t be around much longer. Earlier this year they released a statement on their page saying that they’d decided to call it quits.

Becoming a popular band with your best friend that can tour and play to large audiences is for a lot of people “The Dream”. Quitting the dream seems like an odd move which is why I went to Carter’s house in Brooklyn to get the full story. We also finally get to the bottom of why Bostonians hate everyone.