Episode 30: Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast

Bethany Cosentino's view on politics, growing up in California, dropping out of college, turning down major labels, sexism in the music industry and writers block

In 2009 Bethany Cosentino left college in NYC because she missed California. The move inspired her to contact an old friend named Bobb Brunno and together they started Best Coast. Within a year the band had essentially taken over the internet. You could not go to ANY blog without seeing something about that band. Since then the duo have become a fixture in American indie music. They play large festivals, TV shows, and bought houses...in Los Angeles. I've always found Best Coast's massive and completely unexpected success fascinating so I relished the opportunity to have Bethany on the show. She's a down to earth person with a refreshing perspective on this thing we call life. She also recommended that I go to therapy. So I guess Iā€™m gonna go to therapy.