Episode 28: Lucy Rose Escapes

Finding clarity after losing sight of the things that truly matter

Ah my grand expedition to the U.K. So many adventures, so many beers. My first interview over in ye olde Angland was with Lucy Rose. Besides starring in my favorite video of the last decade, Lucy has steadily built a fantastic career as a singer songwriter in London. But about a year ago she wanted to give it all up. After becoming frustrated with her label (Columbia) Lucy decided to bolt. She took to Twitter, found fans that would host her, and she cruised down to South America to hang out. What was originally a fun little trip turned into a quasi tour. Her husband documented the whole thing and you can see it here. Eventually she came back home, walked into the Columbia office and said, “I’m going to make a record and none of it will be good for radio.” She was promptly dropped and self funded her new record Something’s Changing. If you’ve ever wondered why you are doing something, or lost sight of something you truly love, this one’s for you.