Episode 26: Dan Croll

Paving his own path, professional rugby, playing with Paul Mccartney, getting dropped by a label and self funding a new record.

I’m back at it this week with my new Liverpudlian friend Dan Croll. Prior to interviewing Dan I was in poor shape. Days of drinking, smoking, and brutal jet lag in London had brought my fragile American body to a breaking point… but then Dan arrived. We met backstage at Citadel festival in East London. I was on the brink of death, and Dan was pissed his set hadn’t lived up to his very high expectations. But after sitting in his air conditioned trailer for a few minutes we woke up and had one of the best conversations I’ve ever had. I found Dan at a crossroads in his musical career. Although his first album was successful his label deemed it not successful enough and dropped him from the roster. This sent the former Rugby standout into a funk that’s only now receding. Forced to confront his mental health, insecurities, and financial obligations, Dan wrote a record about becoming an adult that helped him push through a difficult period.

He’s also a funny dude and hates cider. Either way I think you’ll enjoy.