Episode 27: Frank Zummo From Sum 41

Frank Zummo of Sum 41 AKA Drummer Of The Year.

A few years ago Tommy Lee, yes that Tommy Lee, burned his arm playing with fireworks on tour and needed a drummer to fill in for a show, that night. Who did he call? Frank Zummo. Frank flew in and not only crushed the gig, but did it with 0 rehearsal. Nada. None. Not even a soundcheck. Not a lot of people can do that. From winning guitar center competitions as a kid, to joining Sum 41, Frank Zummo has become one of the more sought after drumming professionals in the world. But how did it happen? How did a kid from Long Island become so good at hitting things with sticks? Fortunately I have the answers. Mr. Zummo stopped by the apartment in Los Feliz to discuss Motley Crue, Sum 41, and how to drum your ass off.

After this episode aired, Frank won the Alternative Press award for drummer of the year. BOOM BABY.