Episode 25: Alex and Sierra (X Factor Winners)

Winning The X Factor, Being mentored by Simon Cowell and the inside scoop on reality TV shows

Alex and Sierra won the 2014 season of the X Factor and I feel guilty about it. You see, my mom knows Alex and his family from Daytona. During the show she kept calling and asking me to vote etc… but I was on tour and didn’t have time to tune in. Eventually I forgot about the whole thing.

 But my mom is persistent. When I started this show she called me up and suggested that I interview Alex and Sierra. She reminded me that they were family friends and that they won the X Factor. Suddenly it clicked and I became super intrigued. I’ve never been near a reality TV set and became fascinated with how it all works.

 We were connected on the ole internet and Alex invited me over to his spot in Los Angeles. We got along swimmingly and I’m very happy my mom brought us together. Also I got to discuss Simon Cowell and his millions so that’s always entertaining. Whatever preconceptions you have about people on reality music shows, throw them out the window. Alex and Sierra are talented, humble, individuals that have made a great career for themselves. Starting a career in music is already insane, doing it with your significant other in front of millions of people on network TV is another ball game.