Episode 23: Nick Wold from Dreamers

Killing yourself for music, studying jazz and the world of American alt pop

I’ve been wanting to interview garage pop trio Dreamers for some time now but they’re hard to nail down. Since releasing their debut record, This Album Doesn’t Exist, they’ve been on a mad dash across the country playing ever venue known to man. It’s an exciting time for the band. Their song 'Sweet Disaster' has resonated with alt pop fans of artists like COIN, Finish Ticket, Walk The Moon, The Griswolds, and the 1973. Currently, Dreamers are the new addition to the group but they’re on the precipice of firmly cementing themselves in American alt pop.

But how did all of this happen? Why have they gone from three unknown dudes to 700,000 Spotify streams a month? Why are they supporting every goddamn band known to man? There is a reason and I needed to find out. Fortunately I’m friends with one of the band’s managers Cj Moy and I annoyed him until things finally went down.

Perhaps because the band is a fun, produced, pop rock trio, I was expecting something more zany or stoner rock-y, from front man Nick Wold. That’s not to say he’s not an engaging, gregarious individual, he is, but he’s also a thoughtful and intense personality. Nick has been at this for some time and approaches his band with the vigilance of an Olympic athlete. His musical career started out in the unforgiving and often times masochistic world of jazz then did a complete 180 to rock.

Either way he’s a damn good host and a fun guy to talk to.

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