Episode 20: Tim Heidecker

The most interesting man in the world? He's an American comedian, writer, director, actor, and musician.

Since 2007 Tim Heidecker has been a cult comedy hero. His show Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job created a legion of dedicated fans and launched his acting, directing, comedy, producing, and music career. But long before all the comedy success Tim wanted to be a musician. He even had a band called The Tim Heidecker Masterpiece that performed around Philly and NYC. Music took a backseat when Bob Odenkirk helped Tim and Eric land their first development deal but in recent years he's been writing and releasing some fantastic tunes. From his piss drinking Yellow River Boys to the more serious singer songwriter album, In Glendale, Tim has made music a priority and I wanted to know more. So I stopped by his studio... In Glendale to learn more. Thanks to Chris Swanson for making this happen.