Episode 19: Grace Shaw AKA Mallrat

The Blowout success for an 18 year old Australian "rapper" and Almost prodigy. 

Grace Shaw, also known as Mallrat is an 18 year old wunderkind from Brisbane, Australia. She was never supposed to be on my show. But I messaged Allday’s (Australian rapper) manager about having Allday on the show; He agreed but asked if it’d be cool to have on Mallrat as well. At first I was hesitant as I’d never heard of her. But then I listened to her EP Uninvited and was like, “Hell yes.” I don’t want to call her a prodigy because I think that word is reserved for Austrian Harpsichord nut jobs but she’s awesome at what she does. Uninvited is the first batch of songs she’s ever written. And she did it in her bedroom after school, in secret, and used the mic on the macbook pro. I mean come on people! At this time half a million people a month are listening to her music on Spotify. That’s a lot.

Anyway, she was nice enough to sit down with me on her recent trip to the US and talk about her unexpected success in Australia, and whether or not she’s a rapper. Well she says bubble gum rapper. Who knows?