Episode 01: Carter Schultz from Aer

Using the internet to gain success and how it quickly ended. Were they actually living the dream?

Aer was a band composed of Carter Schultz (performs now as Reeves) and David Von Mering. In 2010 they released a series of YouTube videos and music from their parent’s basement in Boston and went from hometown heroes to a pretty big band. Their style floated between a few things but they’re mostly known for reggae jams like “Feel I Bring” and “Floats My Boat”. These days blowing up online is a foregone conclusion for a band’s success but that wasn’t necessarily the case in 2010. Aer was a band built by and supported by the internet. They’re one of the few that took that buzz and turned it into a business. Whether you like their music or not, they had a pretty mean hustle.

I met the dudes a couple years ago on a short tour in the Northeast. Their normal tour manager was busy so I helped out for the weekend. It was a good time but I left with a nagging suspicion that they wouldn’t be around much longer. Earlier this year they released a statement on their page saying that they’d decided to call it quits.

Becoming a popular band with your best friend that can tour and play to large audiences is for a lot of people “The Dream”. Quitting the dream seems like an odd move which is why I went to Carter’s house in Brooklyn to get the full story. We also finally get to the bottom of why Bostonians hate everyone.