Episode 35: Megan Washington of Washington

Overcoming a stutter through singing, winning multiple Australian Grammys and Speaking on Ted Talk

If you listen to this show you know that I've a lot of Aussie friends. We see eye to eye on things like pies, beautiful beaches, and vegemite. Through this network I heard about Megan Washington and grew to appreciate her music. At the suggestion of one of these friends I watched her now famous Ted Talk about having a stutter and it blew my mind. My dad grew up with a terrible stutter and used to talk about how challenging it was as a kid. Eventually he got over his, Meg never did, except when she sang… You see where this is going. Although it reads like the script to an inspirational movie I assure you it’s all real. 

A few months ago we were finally introduced at a show in LA and I just said, "You've got to come on the show!" She did and we had a great time. In 2009 Meg won multiple ARIA's (Australian Grammy) and firmly cemented herself in the Australian musical lexicon. But it hasn't all been easy. Achieving her goals came at a price and getting exactly what she wanted threw her into a near hopeless depression. Like a boss she dealt with it and is still selling out venues and making music. This September she performed multiple shows at the Sydney Opera house and finished her new record.