Episode 34: Trevor Hall

A spiritual hermitage at an Ashram and the turbulent road to release music

I don't associate musician's with positivity... but somehow Trevor Hall is positive. After getting really into Ben Harper in Middle School, Trevor decided to head west and attend a performing arts school. Shortly thereafter a record contract with Geffen materialized and it seemed everything was falling into place. 

But it wasn't to be. Geffen refused to release two of Trevor's albums and eventually dropped him. With nowhere else to go and a determination to make music his career, Trevor moved into an Ashram and without any music released, began touring relentlessly around the US. When he was tired of that, he went to study music and spirituality in India. 

It's an inspiring story and I hope it makes you want to do something fun with your life. It also seems like moving into an Ashram is the greatest life hack for a musician of all time.