Episode 31: Andrew Davie from Bears Den

Unearthing the intent behind Andrew Davies's songwriting. no formula and the power of interpretation  

In 2012 I was introduced to Kev Jones, Andrew Davie, and Joey Refsdal, AKA Bears Den. We'd spend the next year and a half on the road together traveling the world. When I met them they were opening for Mumford and Sons, and playing tiny venues around Europe and the U.S. Since then they've become a solid indie draw in both continents. With shows starting to exceed 5,000 cap rooms in Europe, I figured it was time to sit down with them and discuss the journey. I've already recorded an episode with multi instrumentalist Kev. It's fantastic and a lot of fun because he's both of those things. This time it is the principal song writer, Andrew Davie, or Davie for his friends. I wanted to learn about his back story but I also took this as an opportunity to dig into song writing. Writer's intent is fascinating to me and I wanted to know more about what he writes, what he does, and why he prefers to leave interpretation to the listener. Enjoy!